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Intuitive and ergonomic interface for chatbot

Conversational agent to assist your customers in natural language

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Simple integration

Add a chatbot to your site in a few moments.
Connect your AI immediately.


Accord the design of your chatbot with the theme of your website.
Customize every detail instantly.


Provide your customers with an easy-to-use Help Interface.
They can access them with a single click.

Compatible with 
Connect it in a few moments to your DialogFlow engine

Unlimited customization


The call button appears on your interface without visually impacting your site

User management

Add users and set their permissions.

Audit trail

Follow all actions and quickly identify the changes.


Add as many chatbots as you need and administer them

Simple tracking

Follow live chat with your chatbot


Choose the settings that best suit you.

Avatar or not ?

Choose an avatar to enrich even more the user experience

Quick integration

Add your chatbot now

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